Robin Camarote

I'm a creative problem solver hell-bent on helping clients get the answers they need.

Although my education is in political science and public policy, I’ve always been interested in planning and the forces of change within federal organizations. Specially, I’ve been fascinated with the people parts of planning—how people form organizations, how they set goals, how they work together, how they build buy-in, and how they get stuff done. 


I cofounded Federal MicroConsulting because I believe there is a better way for federal leaders to access the expertise they need when they need it. We focus on the precise questions that are holding you back. Our vision is to provide timely and innovative solutions to the stickiest program management, analytics, IT, and organization problems.


We may have met through my published pieces on Bloomberg, or my retired blog Goviepop. My book, Flock: Getting Leaders to Follow is a best seller in Organizational Behavior on and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm on the board of the Institute for Conservation Leadership (ICL) providing training, coaching, organizational development support to range of environmental non-profits and am a strategic advisor to A is for Africa-- a small, family-run 501 (c) 3 giving students in Tanzania a leg up by sponsoring a daily hot lunch, access to computers and books, and improving teacher education.

I hold a BA in Political Science from James Madison University. I adore my family, running, cooking, and anything furry and four-legged.  I have never felt tied down to one hair color, can barely close my dresser drawers, and love looking at before and after pictures of any kind.

Bill Fischer

I'm an innovator and connector. I'm passionate about bringing together the right people to solve the right problems.

For 20 years, I've worked in organizational development and human capital and see my federal clients' challenges up close.  In the last year, designed and facilitated 20+ cross-agency workshops for various agencies and co-facilitated Government-wide Presidential Task Force to develop a National Strategy for transforming Veterans employment.


These experiences were tremendously rewarding but they left me feeling that there must be a better way. I heard federal leaders talk about the array of technical and organizational challenges they were facing and the frustration they felt with getting the answers they needed. I believe we can help federal leaders get past this frustration by getting the core of the problem and then matching that leader up with the wealth of available expertise. The brilliant part is that these interactions down have to cost a lot and can be invaluable to helping an agency get unstuck.


I have a BA, Political Science, University of California at Los Angeles and an MA, Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University. I live with my wife and four children in Alexandria, Virginia.


We love art and admire the people who invest time and energy in their own unique, creative process. Permission has been granted by the artist for all work featured on this site. What has been amazing (though not really surprising) that every single artist contacted has not only agreed but done so with kindness, generosity, and encouragement. All of these artists are living, thinking, creating, selling, and then getting up again the next day to start all over.  

Of course, the art is theirs, the opinions are ours. We select each piece based on visual appeal and ability to spark some connection (at least in our minds) to the point we're trying to make. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  If you have any suggested "adds", please contact us.  Thanks!