Data and Analytics

We're all swimming (or drowning, really) in data. We know there are useful insights under the surface but volume of information and options makes it difficult to find what's most important and reliable.

How to better use data in decision-making is a top priority for many federal leaders. In fact, only 12 percent of the data collected is ever used, according to Forrester Research. Further, many organizational leaders have legitimate concerns about data quality and completeness that can hold us back from doing more with our data.

Targeted data preparation, analysis, and visualization services can begin to unlocked those insights.

  • Data quality and integrity checks
  • Model design, approach to predictive analytics, trend analysis
  • Data visualization, dashboard development, infographics, and reports

Services included

  1. Understand your need by hosting an an introductory, kick-off call to confirm and shape the objective
  2. Develop tailored recommendations backed by experience and research
  3. Deliver no-fluff report
  4. Answer questions in a close-out meeting to review the recommendations



Fixed fee under the $10,000 micropurchase threshold


Sample data and analytics microconsulting contracts

"We've been collecting data for a while but there are so many errors. We're not sure we can use it."

Data quality is crucial for meaningful analysis. Cleaning up bad or "dirty" data can be done with deliberate data scrubs and validation efforts. Automating data transfer and downloads can be a way to improve data integrity for future analysis. 

"We've done some analysis but there must be more there. We can't decide on the questions we really want answered."

Delving into data can unearth trends and provide decision-makers with the information they need to take action. Often the tool or platform isn't the inhibiting factor. Instead, the challenge is having a framework or approach to analyzing data in a way that is efficient, reliable, and delivers the insights needed.

"We're tracking a few metrics but they're all over the place. A cohesive view of everything going on would be great."

It's easy to accumulate reports over time. Scattered analysis and disconnected metrics result in a wasted opportunity to see how various organizational and program elements are connected or impacting each other.  Data visualization with dashboards and communication with infographics can make data understandable and actionable.



The answers you need are out there.

Federal programs are complex, difficult, and sometimes message. Getting the answers and insights you need to move forward doesn't have to be.

When you engage with us, we take on your problem as our own. We won't wait your time by making outrageous suggestions or repeating things you've already tried. Our recommendations are simple but not simplistic. Every action we suggest is implementable and focused on solving your specific problem.