People and Organizational Development

On April 12, 2017, the Trump administration released M-17-22, Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce. Draft Agency Reform Plans are due June 30, 2017. We can help.


Yes. People are our most valuable resource, and they’re also often our most complex.  Man, they difficult to convince, manage, inspire, and motivate- all at the same time- day-in, day-out. Our leaders, peers, and staff are amazingly complex people with their ideas and agendas that must be integrated into a cohesive strategy to make progress together. A lot of times, people work together beautifully, and a lot of times things get messy. 

Keeping our people and organizations working effectively and productively requires planning, maintenance, and the occasional complete reboot. As time-consuming as the “people stuff” feels at times, it’ll all necessary and can be deeply rewarding. Getting to the cause of the people challenges you’re facing is the first step.

Superficial or halfhearted solutions just don’t work in the long-run- especially if there’s no follow-through.

People and organizational improvements start with a foundational understanding of the purpose and function of the organization. They’re enhanced with a solid vision for where you’re going and each’s role in getting there.

  • Team effectiveness and individual performance assessments, coaching
  • Meeting facilitation and mediation
  • Communications
  • Organizational design
  • Change management

Services included

  1. Understand your need by hosting an an introductory, kick-off call to confirm and shape the objective
  2. Develop tailored recommendations backed by experience and research
  3. Deliver no-fluff report
  4. Answer questions in a close-out meeting to review the recommendations



Fixed fee under the $10,000 micropurchase threshold


Sample people and organizational development microconsulting contracts

“Our office is undergoing a massive change and the team is anxious. There is active resistance to any proposed new initiatives.”

Change can be uncomfortable for anyone not in driver’s seat. Resistance or skepticism is likely from anyone who wasn’t sure there was a problem to be solved (or believes the current direction is the right way to accomplish the new goals.) Change management helps organizations proactively smooth the process for people and encourage adoption.

“Our structure used to make sense, but our responsibilities have changed to the point where it doesn’t make sense. People are unclear of their roles and responsibilities, and it’s creating inefficiencies.”

Getting clarity on the role and function of the organization, divisions, and each can be a tremendously effective way to get people to buy-in and focus on applying their strengths.

“Staff complain that communication isn’t enough. They say they’re feeling left out and not valued. It’s not that- it’s just keeping up their expectations is overwhelming.”  

Most leaders and organizations waste time producing communications that are overly polished and generic and miss the point entirely. Leaders can meet the demand by getting real and staying consistent.


The answers you need are out there.

Federal programs are complex, difficult, and sometimes message. Getting the answers and insights you need to move forward doesn't have to be.

When you engage with us, we take on your problem as our own. We won't wait your time by making outrageous suggestions or repeating things you've already tried. Our recommendations are simple but not simplistic. Every action we suggest is implementable and focused on solving your specific problem.