Planning and program management

Planning and program management is essential to launching any new initiative or improving one already in progress.

Unfortunately, few organizations execute the program management basics and money is lost.  According to the Project Management Institute's (PMI), 2016 Pulse of the Profession, "...the money continues to be wasted when projects aren’t managed well. We see $122 million wasted for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance."

The following services can help your organization beat the odds, work more efficiently, and meet your goals.

  • Strategic planning
  • Project initiation and launch
  • PMO set-up or retooling
  • Performance measurement or metrics
  • Roadmap development, scheduling, resource management, etc

Services included

  1. Understand your need by hosting an an introductory, kick-off call to confirm and shape the objective
  2. Develop tailored recommendations backed by experience and research
  3. Deliver no-fluff report
  4. Answer questions in a close-out meeting to review the recommendations



Fixed fee under the $10,000 micropurchase threshold


Sample planning and program management microconsulting contracts

"Our strategic plan is outdated. We need a refresh so we're all clear on what we're doing next year."

Multi-year plans can become outdated and irrelevant in a dynamic environment. When priorities change or the standard approaches just aren't working, federal leaders need strategic plans that can be refreshed quickly to meet their current needs.

"We're spinning our wheels. It's been months since we've made any substantive progress towards our big goal."

Programs and teams can get stuck in a rut and struggle to make progress. A lot of times, this happens because of a combination of small factors that add up to big problems. Identifying the biggest challenges and coming up with an approach to address each individually can help the team build some momentum.

"We're not well coordinated and it's creating inefficiencies. Multiple people are doing the same thing."

Keeping track of who is doing what in big, complex programs is difficult. Without upkeep, work can spin out of control quickly. Creating clear roles and responsibilities with task lists can help get everyone back on the same page and working well together.


The answers you need are out there.

Federal programs are complex, difficult, and sometimes message. Getting the answers and insights you need to move forward doesn't have to be.

When you engage with us, we take on your problem as our own. We won't wait your time by making outrageous suggestions or repeating things you've already tried. Our recommendations are simple but not simplistic. Every action we suggest is implementable and focused on solving your specific problem.