IT and cyber security

Your mission drives your agency. When pressure increases to deliver more, faster and at a lower cost, information technology (IT) is often the first place leaders turn for solutions. Your IT organization is up for the challenge. Time and again in your role as a federal IT manager, you have come up with ways- often behind the scenes- to make work and life better and more secure for their colleagues and constituents.

The persistent challenge in federal IT is determining the ideal way to adopt new and improved technology solutions in a way that doesn’t disrupt ongoing operations. There is an amazing array of cloud computing, mobile device, and collaboration options that must be continually reviewed, considered, and selectively integrated into the existing and complex IT environment.

Exactly when, why, and how to make these changes is where we can help. We provide niche technology and cyber security experts in IT strategy, cyber security, and systems development and integration.

  • Digital strategy development
  • Cyber technologies evaluation
  • High-level requirements development

Services included

  1. Understand your need by hosting an an introductory, kick-off call to confirm and shape the objective
  2. Develop tailored recommendations backed by experience and research
  3. Deliver no-fluff report
  4. Answer questions in a close-out meeting to review the recommendations



Fixed fee under the $10,000 micropurchase threshold


Sample IT and cyber security microconsulting contracts

“We’d like to offer more applications via mobile devices to our staff. There are conflicting views on how to do that in a systematic, secure, and affordable way.”

Ensuring your agency stays current with the new digital world, we can advise you on options to procure and manage devices, applications, and data in a way that improves efficiency and doesn’t compromise security.

“We’re constantly worried about intrusions. We believe we’re doing everything we can, but it’s tough when you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Running or evaluating stress and penetration testing of networks and connections is necessary to find and fix vulnerabilities. Forensic analysis, reporting, monitoring trends, and training are all essential components of cyber security and risk management.

“Our agency programs produce a tremendous amount of data that is currently silo’d. From our vantage point, we think there are ways to combine this data, find inefficiencies, and reduce risks.”

Combining data from across the organization can spark insights and spur innovation. This kind of collaboration doesn't just happen. Instead, it takes proactive, visionary leadership. IT leaders are in an ideal position to see and enable those opportunities for their agencies.


The answers you need are out there.

Federal programs are complex, difficult, and sometimes message. Getting the answers and insights you need to move forward doesn't have to be.

When you engage with us, we take on your problem as our own. We won't wait your time by making outrageous suggestions or repeating things you've already tried. Our recommendations are simple but not simplistic. Every action we suggest is implementable and focused on solving your specific problem.